Amber Briggle is one of the nation’s leading voices for transgender equality. Amber, who resides in Texas, is the “mama bear” of a transgender child and has become a tireless advocate for his rights.  Her son, Max, was born in 2008, was mislabeled a girl, and was given the name Mary Grace. Yet from the age of two, Max insisted he was a boy.  Amber accommodated her child for many years, allowing him to wear “boy” clothes and have a short haircut, but nevertheless insisted he was actually a tomboy (and therefore still a girl).  Yet halfway through 1st grade, Amber noticed some disturbing changes in her child and it was time to face the truth: Max was a transgender boy and needed acceptance and support by the people he loved the most — including his own mother.


Since then, Amber has taken on transgender bullying and discrimination at every level: the local sheriff, the Texas legislature including Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and most recently, the Trump administration.  Amber and her family fearlessly hosted Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton for dinner in their home in an attempt to introduce him to an openly trans person, and shortly after that she and her family were invited to the Obama White House to honor their efforts to fight for the rights of transgender and gender non-conforming people.


Amber has appeared in the Washington Post, The Daily Beast, Teen Vogue, USA Today, Dallas Morning News, and multiple news outlets across the state of Texas. She was recognized as a “Texan of the Year” in 2016 by the Dallas Morning News and currently serves on the Parents for Transgender Equality Council through the Human Rights Campaign.  She is also a board member of the League of Women Voters of Texas, and volunteers regularly with Equality Texas.


You can learn more about the Briggle family’s journey as a trans inclusive family by viewing her TEDx talk “Transgender Kids Are Just Kids After All”.


For media requests and bookings, please contact Amber directly at 940-536-8720 or amber_briggle@yahoo.com